When it comes to accessing difficult-to-reach areas for building maintenance and repairs, there are two main options to be considered: Rope access and Scaffolding.

Scaffolding involves constructing temporary platforms around the exterior of a building to access areas at heights. Rope Access, on the other hand, involves the use of abseiling to access these areas from the top of the building. It has become a well-established fact that rope access is not only more cost efficient, but it’s faster and safer than other high access alternatives for working at height. Here is some of the benefits of rope access when compared to scaffolding:


The costs related to rope access are far less than those associated with scaffolding. When using scaffolds there are many expenses such as construction, deconstruction, and the transportation of large amounts of equipment. Not only does industrial rope access require less equipment, it also is quicker and reduces wasted time on construction. The time needed to set up rope access is far shorter.


Unlike scaffolding, rope access creates minimal architectural impact. With significantly less construction equipment required it not only maintain the aesthetics of the building from an outsider’s perspective, but also prevents the obstruction of vies for residents within the building.


Rope access methods are more flexible and are often the only option for certain tasks. Since rope access techniques do not require a large amount of open space this allows not only to access high-rise locations, but also get into smaller places such as building ledges. Scaffolding is extremely bulky and can take up a lot of ground space. Since it is built from the ground up, it can affect access to the building, making it difficult for clients or employees to enter or exit the building.


Although popular belief, rope access is the safer option for working at heights and has better safety statistics than any other alternatives of high access. This is because each abseiler is attached to two separate ropes, one as the mainline and one as the fail-safe should the mainline fail. All tools and equipment are also tethered to reduce the risk of technicians dropping them, preventing injuries and damage from falling tools. Rope access is also recognized as the safest method for project completion due to the high standards of required training, more than scaffold workers. Up Down Access employs only IRATA certified technicians on every project we undertake. Every rope access crew member must meet rigorous standards and pass tough evaluations that will ensure they are fully prepared for performing work at height safely and efficiently.

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